Napoli, the latest on the potential contract renewals for Mertens, Insigne and Ghoulam

​Napoli is looking towards its future as it evaluates the situation surrounding the renewals of Dries Mertens, Lorenzo Insigne, and Faouzi Ghoulam. 

The negotiations between Napoli and Mertens have recently stalled. However, Napoli is confident that the Belgian will realize how important his role at the club is, and Napoli is even willing to make a substantial financial investment to keep him. He has been offered a contract of around 3.2 million (Mertens currently earns around 1.6 million) for four years. Other clubs may be willing to offer 4 million, but they may not be able to offer as long a contract or the same amount of playing time.

The situation regarding Lorenzo Insigne’s renewal is different: the difficulties in finding an agreement are tied to the player’s image rights. The club’s offer of 3 million until 2022 could be accepted by the winger, but Insigne would also like to keep 100% of his image rights. Considering Napoli’s history, it would be difficult for them to relinquish all of Insigne’s image rights. Therefore, Insigne could request a salary of 4-4.5 million. This would be less than the 6 million initially requested by his agents. A possibility which has not been thoroughly discussed pertains to a potential buyout clause: Napoli’s first idea is to set the clause at 100 million. It has still not been determined whether it will only be valid for foreign clubs.

An agreement with Faouzi Ghoulam, however, always appears more distant. Both parties are far from reaching anagreement, and Napoli is already considering possible substitutes. There is very little faith that he will renew, although concrete offers are yet to arrive.


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