​Guardiola wants Man City to sign Bayernstar, former Juventus youngster

Manchester City want a piece of one of France’s most promising wingers, reports from the continent confirm. Le10 Sport revealed that Pep Guardiola dreams of a reunion with former pupil Kingsley Coman, whom he signed from Juventus at the beginning of last season from Juventus on a loan-to-buy deal worth over 20 million.

In fact, Le10 confirm that contacts between the two sides have already been made, between City and Coman’s entourage. Guardiola’s appreciation was made known in that occasion, as was his intention to pitch a plan to the Frenchman in the coming weeks.

Though negotiations have yet to begin, Manchester City have made their position known. Coman has missed many games this season because of injury, but even since his return in January he’s not played a full game, scoring twice against Hamburg as a starter but otherwise mostly coming off the bench.

Thing is, Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti told Italian media a few days ago that he wanted to make Coman’s move to the Allianza Arena permanent, the Italian tactician confirming that: “He [Coman] has had several injuries but he’s back and fit now. The idea is to keep him here also for the next season.”

Signed on a € 7 million loan deal two years ago, it would take another € 21 million to make the move permanent, but Bayern have until the end of April to make their move.


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