Andrija Zivkovic

Age: 20
Country: SERBIA
Current Club: Benfica
Quick feet, burst of pace and immense confidence, Zivkovic is the full winger package you’d expect from your attacking wide man. One would initially notice his pace, above all, as he flocks his way past defences. It’s immensely difficult to compete with the youngster on foot both on and off the ball with the Serb often seen threading down flanks. His exceptional pace is complemented by his impressive quick feet in tight spaces. With the 20-year-old often seen in and around the box, this attribute becomes crucial when competing against smaller opposition who often sit back. As a matter of fact, playing for one of the biggest Serbian clubs has helped mould his all-round game tactically. Most young wingers begin to stagnate as their entire game is dependent on space and blades of grass to run onto; and when faced with a side that sits back, their importance becomes redundant. Not Zivkovic though; while he has displayed the stereotypical dependence on space, his ability to work-out openings against a tight defensive set-up has been incredible. This crucially makes him a cut above the rest, offering himself in multiple situations rather than just one specific scenario. Undoubtedly, Zivkovic’s most common move involves the successful cut-and-shoot, as seen by many wide attackers in the modern game. His control of the ball in particular aids this move, being able to handle a congested midfield in the process. It’s also important to note, that unlike other wingers, Zivkovic has a constant motivation to make moves into the box even without the ball. To be able to offer himself as an attacker off the ball and in the box proves to be an attractive proposition for any side.


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